Managing an Estate is an emotional and complex task. The traditional solution has been to sell the family home “as is” at a significantly reduced price more than likely resulting in the family losing all potential equity while the buyer subsequently fixes the house and quickly resales it for a generous profit. On the other hand at StoneCrest Real Estate we work with the best interest of the Estate in mind through our Fix and Sell Program. Now the equity your loved ones worked so hard to establish can be unlocked and remain with the heirs as intended!

Services we provide

Property Management
Many estates suffer from deferred maintenance. We can re-roof, paint, carpet, and put your home into salable condition. With no upfront costs all expenses are reimbursed from the seller’s net proceeds at the close of escrow. We streamline the entire sale process from the removal of abandoned cars and selling the personal property to monthly gardening and pool service.


Personal Property
We photograph, itemize and inventory all personal property including cars, trucks and
vans. We arrange with the Seller for the sale, disposal or donation of the personal property.


We put together a detailed Broker’s Price Opinion. This is a valuable tool for establishing value with the Probate Referee.


We work closely with Eviction attorneys to expedite move out dates with the Eviction


We meet with the Marshal at lockout and videotape and itemize all personal property, arranging for storage of the personal possessions.


Secure property
We secure the property, provide combination locks, re-key the doors and secure the


We turn on utilities handle the billing.


Occupancy Check
We contact the utility company to see if services are on, then go by the property
periodically to determine occupancy.


Contractor Estimates
We do initial walkthroughs with detailed repair lists and receive line item bids from approved contractors on all repairs.


We oversee that all rehab work is done.


We inspect the property weekly.


We do weekly marketing updates.


We put lockboxes on all properties for maximum accessibility to the cooperating Brokers.


Extensive Marketing Plan


StoneCrest Real Estate offers an Extensive Marketing Menu that ranges from the most basic real estate marketing to some of the most cutting-edge and extravagant. Every home is different and each plan is tailored to meet your unique situation and market condition.


We professionally negotiate all offers.


Risk Management


Probate, trust, and conservatorship real estate sales transactions require special disclosures and listing agreements. The California Association of Realtors updates its disclosures each year.


Close Escrow
We follow through on each escrow until closing.


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