Building equity for our clients not the Buyers of their properties.

At NO upfront cost, we unlocked $89,000 in equity!

We sold this home for: $429,000

Renovation costs: $60,000

Gross proceeds to seller: $369,000

Other realtors’ “As Is” price: $280,000

Unlocked equity to family: $89,000

MAX out the VALUE of YOUR family HOME

It’s no secret real estate investor’s target trust, and probate properties for one reason, to make a profit. At StoneCrest Real Estate we provide you the successor with a vehicle to do the same but on your family’s behalf and retain 100% of the equity that is created with our full service Fix and Sell Program. As a top producing Real Estate Firm we have successfully sold over 500 individual properties and take great pride in unlocking millions of dollars in equity for our clients. At NO upfront cost we will re-roof, paint, carpet, and put your home into marketable condition with reimbursement for these expenses coming only from proceeds at the close of escrow. Now the equity your loved ones worked so hard to establish can be unlocked and remain with the heirs as originally intended. All for the same fee you would pay any Realtor!

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