Welcome to Client Connect Home Search

Overview and Setup

Your customized Client Connect Home Search system displays listings that match your Home Search criteria or allows you to track sales activity in your neighborhood as a Seller to better understand the current market with real-time alerts. If you are looking to purchase, identify each property as a Favorite, a Possible or a Reject property. These classifications help you quantify your purchase preferences. Typically, the following guidelines are used for the three classifications:

Favorite Properties are properties you are interested in visiting and possibly purchasing.

Possible Properties are properties that have many of the “Must Have” features but perhaps not enough to visit.

Reject Properties are properties that do not fit into the two classifications above.

For each property, you can add comments to help you remember, “Why you classified it as you did” or other thoughts about the property. These comments are also sent to your StoneCrest Real Estate REALTOR® who may respond to your comments to better understand what you are looking for or to see when you would like to visit the property. You can also reply to those comments thus creating a dialog for each property as you move through the purchase process.

Please provide us with the following home search criteria to begin your customized Client Connect Home Search experience. Once your account is established the system will generate and deliver real-time available properties within your search criteria to your email. You will also be notified instantly of all new listings, price reductions, and status changes in the areas you are following. Client Connect Home Search is a direct MLS connection providing you with the most accurate information available making the delayed data updates of other search engines a problem of the past. You can also create additional Client Connect Home Searches on your own; it is a very interactive system.